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17 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Sarah has been so supportive with my struggles with anxiety. I reached out during a time when my mental health was debilitating and Sarah has helped me manage! I love the inclusion of holistic medicine as well. I’m very pleased with the help i’ve received and grateful to have found someone who hears and sees my struggles!

  2. Every since my first session, I’ve had huge improvements. I was able to come off of the meds I was on (and didn’t like being on) and quickly find a way more effective replacement. I feel more balanced and happy than I have in a long time.

  3. My therapist has great service and very understanding.The therapist is very well trained and gives a great session.

  4. Working with Ms. Carratala has helped me tremendously. Flexibility, natural and pharmaceutical suggestions, and
    supportive feedback

  5. My clinical rotation help set me up for my last 2 rotations. I still need work on my therapy interventions , but it definitely helpful in my learning process.

  6. I worked with Sarah during my final semester as a PMHNP student. Sarah was an excellent preceptor. She is extremely knowledgeable about current evidence based treatment modalities as well as complementary and alternative treatments. Sarah encouraged me to increase my knowledge of integrative medicine and was able to recommend several supplementary texts that I have found to be very informative. Additionally, Sarah has a excellent rapport with patients. She has a calming and therapeutic communication style that I hope to emulate as I transition to full time practice. I highly recommend as a PMHNP preceptor and as a Provider to any clients who are looking for a comprehensive and holistic approach to their mental health.

  7. Ms. Carratala is an amazing preceptor. She is genuine, compassionate, and empathetic. She is great at what she does and has an amazing gift. She takes time to guide, and teach. She teaches up to date evidence-based care and incorporates holistic care in her practice. She provided a safe, encouraging, learning environment. I couldn’t have asked for a better preceptor. Thank you for all that you have taught me!

  8. Sarah hi I would like to continue working with you and helping me get well again hopefully back to so kind of life with therapy and support and medication management. I like your bedside manner and im sorry i have not been well but long covid really effected everything head to toe. brain and body. I am researching some supplements what do you think about thiamine for the central nervous system. or other defiencies? are there medications for histamine intolerance. have you heard of stem cell patches? I am open to ideas i just want to get better struggling so hard since covid and wish i never took mirtazipine. are there meds that help mirtazapine wd or damage. I never thought a low dose antidepressant would do such damage. have you worked with mirtazapine. i have been off it a lomg time now and still bad issues from it. thank you for refilling my prescription too.

  9. Doctor Chinedu is awesome. She takes care of her patience with excellence I am so thankful for her help and for giving me the support I need it

  10. I have been seeing Dr Chinedu for over a year. She not only helps me with the ADHD I originally see her for, but takes a holistic approach. She always asks many questions and takes time to listen. She is empathetic without ever letting me get away with any bad habits. I deeply appreciate how she looks into how physical chronic health concerns may affect mental health and vice versa. Most doctors stay in their lane, to their patient’s detriment. Not this wonderful woman. She is knowledgeable, caring and intelligent.

  11. I’ve been working with Chinedu for about 7 months now, and she has been so understanding with my level of anxiety and depression. She has worked with me to ensure that my medication is right for me. She is very easy to talk too and puts what I need as her patient as a priority. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

  12. Sarah Jirinzu Carratala, I’m going to call her Dr. Sarah! She is without question the most attentive, helpful medical professional I have seen, and I’ve seen many! She was very quick to call me back and get me scheduled. She has listened, been so helpful and supportive and has done more for me then 5 other doctors and “specialists” (in the last 8 months). She has helped me overcome so much stress, anxiety and questionable illnesses and continues to work overtime in helping me find answers whenever I need them. She really is the best doctor you can get. I pay out of pocket and I have never questioned paying that invoice. If you are looking for a professional, caring, thoughtful, smart, kind, extremely helpful and knowledgeable doctor please contact Sarah!!!!!! I promise you, you will not find anyone better. Yes I know she’s not a “Doctor” but she is more knowledgeable and helpful then any other MD I’ve ever seen!!!!!!

  13. I thought that Sarah Jirinzu Carratala was very sweet and professional. She was very thorough in her questions and exam and also attentive to all the information I was giving her. I sent in my request from Psychology Today and she responded quickly, I believe I was able to schedule an appointment and see her in less than a week. Highly recommend

  14. Sarah is very knowledgeable and kind towards her clients. During my practicum experience I was able to evaluate and treat clients with varying levels of acuity. She was also available for discussion and explained the rationale, while encouraging my autonomy as a PMHNP student.

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